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Espen: Two days trip (Coast and Kaliningrad vincinity


When having interest in history, all eras post ice age, especially the last 150 years in her area. Marina shows her characteristics to the fully, even if she were asked questions outside her scope. If she is presented a fun fact or information, she "suck" the knowledge and asks back with seeking information to increase her knowledge base. I am glad to help. Her appearance is very friendly, and as a foreigner it is very helpful to have her knowledge in good spoken English. She acts also as a splendid intepretor, and manges this task at the outmost. I would recommend her ... just terrific and even with a laughter and a big smile. Sometimes hard to get ...... I wish her good luck in future work…laughingwink


Wednesday, 06 February 2019
Mortee: Great inputs

I had a lot of help from Marina planning my trip. She is fluent in english and seems really nice and polite. Marina had great inputs on crossing the border, transportation in Kaliningrad and sights to see. Unfortunately I did not go through with her company. As I was late with my visa Marina turned occupied on another assignment but she still wanted to help me out and arranged for another guide to accomplish the services for my needs. I have no doubt turning to Marina on later occasions.

Sunday, 19 August 2018
Joris: Excellent again

After one year, I recently returned to Kaliningrad for a second visit to the city and its surrounding region. Again Marina was my tour guide, on two full-day trips: first a visit to the east of Kaliningrad Oblast, with notable Teutonic remains and some Prussian and even Napoleontic reminiscences (Neman, Sovietsk, Chernyachovsk). And on the second day, we first paid a visit to the Teutonic Castle at Valdau, not too far from the city of Kaliningrad: there we had a very and detailed interested tour by a local Russian guide, which Marina translated instantaneously into fluent English. Later that same day, we drove on to Baltijsk, for a renewed and more extensive visit to this town and its harbour, including a fantastic speed boat trip.
I can only conclude what I already said last year: excellent tour guide, with perfect English skills and a very detailed knowledge of all aspects of the region!

Sunday, 19 August 2018
Гость: Excellent guide and so helpful

I cannot thank Marina enough for helping me in organising a trip for 8 people to Watch England play in the World cup in Kaliningrad. She was amazing! 
Marina was so helpful in organising a minibus and driver for my guests and giving me information on the city and tour recommendations for bars and restaurants, which were all perfect by the way.
Marina was in touch with me on Whattsapp throughout the day to give me helpful hints, and just knowing that she was on hand to call at anytime made my job alot easier.
I definately would contact Marina again should the opportunity to visit Kalningrad come round again.
Thank you Marina x

Sunday, 19 August 2018
Daniel M: Your friend in Kaliningrad

Marina is a professional guide with reasonable prices, but what sets her apart from the average tour guide is that she does her job with genuine passion and an unrivaled sense of humor. When you travel with Marina you are not merely seeing Kaliningrad with a professional guide - you are living, breathing, and fully-experiencing this historic city and its surrounding oblast with a friend who will gladly share with you its local cultural treasures. Although I originally booked a five-day private tour that included Kaliningrad City, Yantarny, Sovietsk, the Curonian Spit, and the eastern countryside of Kaliningrad oblast, I had such an excellent time with Marina that I extended my stay by one more day. If you have any interest in nature, European cuisine, jewelry, Old Königsberg, Soviet history, or fine art, Marina is a knowledgeable guide with many talents who can take you to the places that you would like to see. Oh, and did I mention that Marina is able to offer tours that visit both the Lithuanian and the Russian sides of the Curonian Spit on the same day? Marina speaks excellent English and Chinese, she is very open-minded, and she is an honest businesswoman. I highly recommend her services to anyone who is visiting the Kaliningrad region - and on a final note, if you happen to be the adventurous lone traveller who is skeptical of guided tours, Marina is the perfect tour guide for you! She is very good at surprising her more adventurous guests by treating them to unique cultural experiences and local hidden gems off the tourist trail - all you have to do is ask!

Thursday, 03 May 2018