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Are you planning to travel to Kaliningrad, Russian exclave on the Baltic?

• You want to find a private tour guide with a car to discover more, to learn more about Kaliningrad region sightseeing and the history of Kaliningrad-Koenigsberg.

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Short tours of Kaliningrad city

• Kaliningrad walking tour (around 2 hours)

• Kaliningrad sightseeing (around 3.5 hours)

Full day tours in Kaliningrad region

• Amber village-Yantarny and Svetlogorsk resort (6-7 hours)

• Curonian spit UNESCO National park and Zelenogradsk resort (around 7hours)

• Baltiysk and Baltiyskaya spit in Kaliningrad region (around 6 hours)

• Chernyahovsk (Insterburg, Georgenburg)

• Baltiysk and amber village Yantarny(7-8hours)


An extremely interesting place to visit

Kaliningrad region is a unique territory, the Russian exclave located between Poland to the south and Lithuania to the north and east. Known as Koenigsberg , the city was founded in 1255 by the Teutonic Knights. Königsberg was the cultural and economic center in the German province of East Prussia till 1945. At the end of the Second World War Königsberg and the surrounding territory became part of Russia. The Germans were expelled, Russians were moved in. Koenigsberg was renamed Kaliningrad in 1946. Today Kaliningrad region is the part of the Russian Federation. But if you travel by car or train from Moscow to Kaliningrad you have to cross the borders of Lithuania and Belorussia. Before 1991 these two countries were the parts of the Soviet Union, until the Soviet Union abolished itself, recognizing the independence of its constituent parts. Poland and Lithuania now are members of Nato and the European Union, so little Kaliningrad finds itself a long way away from mother Russia.
The history of Kaliningrad is both exciting and dramatic. Many buildings and streets are different from those we used to see in other cities of Russia. Today the prewar architecture creates that unique atmosphere of old Koenigsberg. Unfortunately some places remind us about the devastating effects of World War II. The city was badly bombed by the RAF in August 1944.
Kaliningrad has its own problems as well, who hasn’t. We are building the modern city and trying to save the German legacy. Some German forts, villas, old churches and other buildings are being restored and maintained, some of them remind me of those old patients waiting for careful treatment and happy life in the new motherland Kaliningrad.
What makes Kaliningrad region so special beside the geographical position and attracts Russian tourists and foreign travelers from all over the world? It is known as the birthplace of Immanuel Kant, a unique mix of Germany, Soviet Union and modern Russia, and an ice free port in the Baltic Sea. The countryside is proud of unforgettable beaches of the Baltic seacoast with remarkable views, nice landscape, 50- million year old Baltic amber. So pack your things, buy your tickets and explore Kaliningrad .