Kaliningrad city excursion

Duration-3 hours

The most interesting places of Kaliningrad, the shadows of Kenigsberg, the memories of ancient Prussians, Kenigsberg citizens and soviet people. We'll travel by car, we'll walk along the streets and get a boat tour if you like. The war erases the cities but it failed to erase the history and memory in our minds. And today those beautiful architectural masterpieces of Prussia's capital are still alive and ready to conquer our hearts. Follow me and you will know who made Kenigsberg a target for destruction, you'll be also surprised to know some facts about the great philosopher Immanuel Kant, you'll realize why the true world capital of Baltic amber is exactly where you are staying now on the Prussian land but this is another story for a new adventure to Sambia.
Find your own guide to fall in love with this city, so different from the rest of Russia.

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